Any time a vehicle changes ownership or information on a vehicle title needs to be updated, a title transfer must be performed. Be ready and prepared to assist your clients with their title transfer needs with the vehicle title services from Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana. While there are a variety of situations that require a change in vehicle titles, you’ll most likely experience one of these four vehicle title situations.

4 Situations That Will Require a Vehicle Title Transfer

1. Buying a Car

When your customers are purchasing a vehicle, they don’t want to wait longer than necessary. They’re pretty excited to drive that new or gently used car or truck off the lot. Take advantage of our fast and efficient vehicle title transfer process and make the entire vehicle purchase experience a positive one for your customers.

2. Selling a Car

When a client is selling their vehicle, they want a quick and simple process. They may be selling a vehicle in order to buy a newer one or to make some extra money. Our team is experienced in quickly processing vehicle title transfers, whether your client is selling their car to their next-door neighbor or to an out-of-state customer.

3. Gifting a Car

There’s nothing more exciting to a new 16-year-old driver than a new car for their birthday. Maybe one of your customers is giving their pre-owned vehicle to a family member during a time of great need. Whatever the circumstances, our team provides personalized service that will ensure this special moment is pleasant for all parties involved.

4. Changing a Name

Do you have clients who are getting married or divorced, and need to update the information on their vehicle title? Did your customer receive a title that had misspelled or wrong information on it? We are happy to help by quickly processing a corrected vehicle title for your clients.

Experienced and Professional

Offer your clients and customers the best possible customer care with the professional services from Consolidated Automotive. Contact us today at (812) 988-8300. We are more than happy to help with our family of specialized title services that are available across all 50 states, including title and lien searches and replacement or duplicate titles.