Car Title Transfers in All States

If you’re looking to quickly transfer a title, contact Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana. Over the years, we’ve processed tens of thousands of titles for automotive dealers and finance institutions. Our desire is to efficiently serve our clients so they can serve theirs. Request a quote today or call (812) 988-8300.

The rate at which people transfer vehicle ownership has only been enhanced by the Internet. Dealers and banks can now buy and sell in every state just from the click of a mouse. Consolidated Automotive Services is here to help make that ease of transition from one owner to the next much easier.

Typical Car Title Transfer Situations

Any of the following situations on the part of your client will require a vehicle title transfer:

  • Buying a car
  • Selling a car
  • Gifting a car
  • Changing a name

Experienced Out-of-State Title Transfer Professionals

While you know how to file the documentation to transfer a title, at times it’s easier to take advantage of our professional car title services:

Vehicle Title Transfer Service in 50 States
  • Out of state title transfers. Since we serve all 50 states, we know how to navigate the rules and regulations in every state.
  • Backlog of titles. In your busy season of buying and selling cars, we can pick up the slack and decrease the amount of time your clients spend waiting on a title
  • Personalized service. We contact your clients to verify information they’ve submitted, locate any missing facts, and answer all questions.
  • Experience. Every case is different. We’ve experienced just about every scenario and know how to deal with each one.
  • Variety. We handle title work for just about every motorized vehicle including automobiles, watercraft, semis, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, travel trailers, heavy equipment, and boats.

In addition to vehicle title transfers, we can provide title and lien searches and replacement titles as well. We’ll find the history of a vehicle or search to see if a bank lien has been perfected. Let us do the title work, freeing you up to spend time on buying, selling, and financing for your clients.

More Questions?

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