Bulk Title Processing Auto 50 States

Your number one source for easy, professional, and efficient out-of-state title processing. Whether you have one or many, each month we can process titles for you. We handle title processing for almost any vehicle, land or water, including cars, watercrafts, semis, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, travel trailers, and boats. Give our friendly staff a call toll free at (888) 893-9250 or (812) 988-8300 to learn more.

How The Process Works

State Title Transfers Auto Auction
  • 1. Either contact us online, or call us toll free at (888) 893-9250 or (812) 988-8300.
  • 2. Need a quote for out-of-state title & registration fees? We’ll give you access to our Fee Estimator, or we’ll contact the BMV directly to get quotes for vehicles and equipment that fall outside of the normal vehicle title & registration Fee Estimator.
  • 3. We’ll explain what’s required in the state you have sold in and what we need to complete the title, registration, and lien placement if needed.
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