Vehicle Title Search in All 50 States

Car dealers and automotive finance companies must protect their best interests when it comes to buying, selling, and financing cars and other motorized vehicles. Perform your due diligence by running a vehicle title search and vehicle lien search. Trust the experts at Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana to find the information you need. Request a quote today or call us at (812) 988-8300.

A car title search or lien search will give you the information needed to move forward —or not— with a purchase, sale, or financing. Whether your business runs one title a month or thousands, we can help uncover the facts you need. We’ve processed over 100,000 titles, so we know the process well.

Top Benefits of Car Title & Lien Searches

50 State Car Title and Lien Searches
  • Research the history of a vehicle to see if there is a lien or multiple liens against it.
  • Discover if a bank lien has been perfected. A lien must have been processed with the Department of Motor Vehicles and be physically present on the face of the title to be perfected.
  • See if a vehicle has ever been titled in a certain state. People lose titles and buy and sell cars quickly. We can help uncover any missing information.

In addition to title searches, Consolidated Automotive Services specializes in replacement or duplicate titles and title transfers. We understand that in many of these transactions time is of the essence, so we do our best to serve you in a speedy and efficient manner. We understand that your clients can’t move forward until we do.

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Service for All Types of Vehicles

In addition to cars, we process titles on almost every type of vehicle on land or water including watercraft, semis, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, travel trailers, and boats.

Automotive dealers and finance companies have come to rely on our dependable title services and proficiency in processing even thousands of titles a month. Whether you have a backlog of work to be processed or no longer have the time to devote to a vehicle title search, call Consolidated Automotive Services at (812) 988-8300. We serve all 50 states and specialize in out-of-state services.