Exploring Our 3 Key Title Services

December 7, 2023 | all 50 states

At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we recognize that dealing with automotive titles can be a maze of complexities. Navigating the nuances of vehicle ownership is essential for a seamless transfer, and our dedication to excellence shines through in the three primary automotive title services we provide: title and lien searches, replacement and duplicate titles, and title transfers. Let’s explore the three core services that set us apart in the automotive title industry.

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A 4-Step Guide to Out-of-State Title Transfers

November 14, 2023 | automotive title processing

If you’re purchasing a vehicle from out-of-state, you’ll need to navigate the process of transferring the vehicle’s title from one state to another. An out-of-state vehicle title transfer can be a complex and time-consuming task, but understanding the steps involved can make the process much smoother. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana.

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4 Benefits of Buying a Repossessed Vehicle

October 16, 2023 | all 50 states

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a reliable and affordable vehicle is a top priority for many people. One option that’s gaining popularity is purchasing a repossessed vehicle. Repossessed cars offer a range of advantages that can make them an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers. In this blog post, we’ll explore four benefits of buying a repossessed vehicle and why utilizing a reputable title services company like Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana is essential in ensuring a smooth and secure transaction.

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5 Steps to Obtaining a Heavy-Duty Truck Title

September 28, 2023 | heavy duty truck titles

Obtaining a heavy-duty truck title is an essential step in the ownership journey for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re acquiring a new truck or need to update the title for an existing one, understanding the process is crucial. Continue reading to learn more from the Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana team.

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7 Steps to Obtaining a Repossession Title

August 21, 2023 | repossession title

When it comes to obtaining a repossession title, it’s essential to understand the process involved and the steps you need to take. Whether you’re a lienholder looking to secure ownership of a repossessed vehicle or an individual seeking to purchase a repossessed vehicle, continue reading to learn more from the team at Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana.

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4 UCC Documents for Commercial Lenders

July 10, 2023 | finance companies

If your bank or finance company is processing a high volume of secured auto loans, the team at Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana can lend a helping hand with our UCC filing services. Depending on the circumstances, four different UCC forms must be accurately completed and filed. Let’s examine these documents and what each means for your commercial lending business.1. UCC-1 Financing StatementThe UCC-1, also known as a Financing Statement, is a public notice filed by the lender that states their interest and legal right to the debtor’s collateral if the debtor should default on the loan. When you approve a vehicle loan for one of your commercial customers, a UCC-1 solidifies your right to ownership of the vehicle if the customer cannot pay the loan in full.  2. UCC-3 Financing Statement AmendmentA UCC-3 is filed when any changes to the original UCC-1 need to be made, such as:Termination: The debtor … Continued

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Lien Releases & Replacement Title Processing

June 24, 2023 | all 50 states

When one of your customers pays off their vehicle loan, it’s time for an updated replacement title to be sent to your customer. Thankfully, Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana has decades of experience navigating the vehicle title process and working with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) across all 50 states. Let’s break down this often cumbersome process to see how our team of experts can make it easier for you.New Replacement TitleWhen a customer pays off their car loan, the title must be replaced to reflect the customer as the new owner. This process depends entirely on whether your customer lives in a non-holding state or a holding state. In either state, your finance department will work with the DMV to have a new replacement title sent to the customer.Process for Non-Holding StatesIn non-holding states, the borrower is listed on the car title as the primary owner. Most borrowers … Continued

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Is Car Insurance Available for Salvage Title Vehicles?

May 10, 2023 | all 50 states

Auto insurance offers drivers financial protection and is available for a variety of vehicles and circumstances. Unfortunately, insurance is not available for vehicles that have been assigned a salvage title. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana has decades of experience providing dealerships and finance companies with title services, and yes, that includes salvage titles. Keep reading to find out how your customers can insure salvage title vehicles.What Is a Salvage Title?Vehicles that have been deemed a total loss by insurance companies are issued salvage titles. This means they cannot be legally driven on the road, which is why salvage title vehicles aren’t eligible for insurance. A salvage title vehicle must be completely rebuilt and pass an inspection to confirm all damage has been repaired and is, once again, safe to drive. If it passes inspection, the vehicle is then issued a rebuilt title.Car Insurance for Rebuilt TitlesWhile it’s possible to purchase … Continued

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Top Benefits of Offering Heavy-Duty Equipment Financing

April 11, 2023 | all 50 states

Almost every finance company or bank offers financing for vehicles like cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. If you’d like to expand your business and appeal to a wider variety of customers, you may want to consider adding heavy-duty equipment financing to your product options. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana assists many lenders with heavy-duty equipment title services. There is a multitude of benefits to providing this popular financial service, such as finance options for agricultural business owners, expansion of your customer base, and an investment source for local business owners.Financing Options that Appeal to Business OwnersYou can grow your customer base by offering finance options for agricultural business owners and other similar industries. Most farmers and ranchers have a need for heavy equipment, but they may not have the means to purchase industrial-strength machines. By offering heavy equipment financing or heavy equipment leasing, you can grow your business and assist … Continued

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What Your Customers Need to Know About Transfer of Ownership

March 7, 2023 | all 50 states

You may come across customers who aren’t familiar with your specific vehicle-buying process, including title transfer of ownership. They may have moved from a different state or this could be their first time purchasing a vehicle from an auto dealership. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana has years of experience assisting automotive dealers across all 50 states with a wide range of title services. Here’s what your customers may want to know about your specific transfer of ownership process.Information to Be Reviewed There’s a lot of information that needs to be checked and documented before a vehicle purchase can be finalized. To complete the title transfer of ownership without delays, the title information must be accurate and match the vehicle’s VIN, the buyer’s information, and the lender’s information. Other documents that may need to be checked include these:Customer’s photo IDSigned title and registration applicationProof of insurance for the buyerWhat to Expect at … Continued

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