What to Do with a Customer’s Incorrect Title

October 10, 2022 | all 50 states

If you’ve been in the car sales business for some time, an incorrect title is probably nothing new to you. Even the smallest of errors can halt a car sale dead in its tracks as the title must be corrected before the vehicle can be sold. Thankfully, the solutions for a corrected title are fairly simple. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana has handled thousands of incorrect titles. If you ever find yourself in one of the situations below, our team can take care of them quickly and efficiently.

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How We Can Help with Boat Titles & Registrations

September 12, 2022 | all 50 states

Processing titles and registrations for all types of boats can be a challenge. There are many variables such as living in one state and buying a boat in a different state and knowing which boats require registration and which ones don’t. Then, there’s navigating the various laws regarding boat titles across all 50 states. Thankfully, Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana can handle all of these matters and many more.

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Why You Should Trust Consolidated Auto with Your Title Needs

August 9, 2022 | all 50 states

As an auto dealership, one of the goals of your business is to make sure your customers always have a positive car-buying experience. One way you can do this is to provide them with accurate calculations for taxes, titles, and license plates. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana has been assisting auto finance companies and auto dealerships across all 50 states with our professional title services. Keep reading to learn how we can help your auto business, too.

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Avoid These 4 Common Auto Title Problems

July 9, 2022 | all 50 states

Car dealerships process multiple titles at a time. Although they may try to avoid issues, there are inevitably problems that do pop up. There are some common problems with titles that often require requesting duplicate ones. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana assists both dealerships and auto finance companies when they discover these common title errors.

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4 FAQs about UCC Filings for Business Customers

June 11, 2022 | all 50 states

As an auto financing company, you have the right to file a UCC lien when a business customer acquires an auto loan through your company. This filing protects your interests if the borrower defaults on the vehicle loan, files for bankruptcy, or experiences some other type of financial misfortune. At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we’d like to share how a UCC filing can benefit your business.

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3 Ways to Successfully Sell Heavy-Duty Trucks at Your Dealership

May 9, 2022 | all 50 states

Have you considered selling heavy-duty trucks at your dealership? There are several advantages to adding these vehicles to your inventory. Not only will you improve your cash flow but you may also be adding a new source of long-term income to your auto sales business. At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we’d like to share three ways you can successfully sell heavy-duty trucks at your dealership.

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Avoid These Problems with Accurate Title Searches

April 13, 2022 | all 50 states

As an auto dealership, you want to ensure all of your transactions are completed legally and accurately. Performing title searches on any vehicles you accept as trade-ins or purchase outright from a customer can help prevent some serious legal problems. At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we assist automotive dealerships and finance companies with several title issues including title searches. When you take advantage of our title services, you can avoid these potential problems. 

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3 Best Practices for Selling Salvage Title Vehicles

March 7, 2022 | all 50 states

Salvage vehicles can pose a potential risk for any auto dealership. They can be difficult to sell simply due to the nature of their past condition. If three best practices to increase your salvage vehicle sales.

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Why Use Consolidated Auto for Out-Of-State Retail Sales?

February 11, 2022 | all 50 states

Are you taking advantage of out-of-state car sales? With the advent of the Internet, more and more auto dealerships are selling vehicles to customers from neighboring states. This provides you with several benefits, with the most profitable one being an increase in customers. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana is committed to helping auto dealers streamline their titling and registration process for in-state and out-of-state customers. If you haven’t yet benefited from our services, keep reading to learn why you should.

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What You Need to Know About Repossession Titles

January 9, 2022 | all 50 states

If a customer of yours has failed to make payments on a vehicle that was purchased through your finance company or dealership, you may have legal grounds to repossess the vehicle. When your dealership does repossess a vehicle, there is a process that needs to be followed to obtain a repossession title. Before this occurs, it’s good to know how to handle this kind of situation. This is why Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana is sharing this valuable information about repossession titles.

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