Give us the information regarding the vehicle and state where it was last titled. If you do not know the state, we can research that as well. Some state inquiries are immediate, but other states can take up to 3 weeks. Let us help you find the answers you need.

Our document processors will let you know what documents are required in all states in order to obtain a duplicate title. Consolidated Automotive Services will create and complete all the forms necessary and expedite the application through the state on your behalf.

Whether you need to transfer ownership for one vehicle or 500 we can process all your vehicle title transfers. Company mergers, buyouts or name changes. Let us make the process simple for you.

Need to secure your lien or that of your lender? Let our title processors walk you through the process and expedite your lien placement.

We understand that with the volume of vehicles that get processed throughout the US at auction, through individuals and finance companies that mistakes do happen. We will do the research to resolve incorrect title issues and submit the proper paperwork in order to get the title corrected.

Salvage title processes are changing rapidly as more regulations are added to BMV requirements. We will explain the requirements and submit the necessary forms to complete the Salvage title process.

Titling Boats and RVs in 50 states can be challenging even if you live in the state. We work with all 50 states and DNRs to obtain Boat and RV titles for our customers. We will work directly with your customer to insure a timely transfer of ownership.

Titling Heavy trucks and trailers can be confusing with the different tax exemptions weights and lengths. We will work to simplify that title process for you and your customers.

For your non-titled assets where lien placement is not possible, we will complete the UCC filings on your behalf.

More and more states are requiring heavy equipment to be titled. We will explain which states and we will process the paperwork to obtain a title.

Getting Repossession titles in many states can be daunting. We have daily communication with our BMV contacts in all states with Electronic and overnight services. We can alleviate some of the pressure on your staff during peak times.

We work directly with our clients customers. We contact the customer to let them know the status of their paperwork and follow up with them until the process is complete.

Systems vary from state to state. When needing title information regarding owner status and lien placement, let us get you the information you need.