3 Title Transfer FAQs We Can Answer for Your Car Dealership

May 11, 2021 | all 50 states

As a busy car dealership, you have a never-ending amount of paperwork and document processing that needs to be accomplished. You also want to provide efficient customer service at the same time. Perhaps you need extra assistance to make that happen. When you need to process several title transfers, you can count on the team at Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana. We have experience transferring titles across all 50 states. We can help you with this process and answer all of your questions, including the three listed below.

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Why Choose Consolidated Automotive for Vehicle Title Transfer Services?

June 5, 2020 | all 50 states

When a customer purchases a vehicle from your automotive dealership, you only have so much time to transfer the vehicle into their name. If you happen to be dealing with a busy time of year for car sales, this process could get backed up, causing stress for your staff and your customer. Take advantage of the vehicle title transfer services that Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana has to offer. With experience processing titles across all 50 states, you can trust us for dependable and efficient vehicle title processing.Out-of-State TitlesWe have been offering title transfer services for all 50 states since our company opened. Our professional team knows how to navigate the rules and regulations of every single state. Backlog of TitlesAutomotive dealers have busy seasons just like any other business. During this overwhelming time, let us pick up the burden of processing vehicle titles for you. Not only will your staff … Continued

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4 Situations That Will Require a Vehicle Title Transfer

February 10, 2020 | all 50 states

Any time a vehicle changes ownership or information on a vehicle title needs to be updated, a title transfer must be performed. Be ready and prepared to assist your clients with their title transfer needs with the vehicle title services from Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana. While there are a variety of situations that require a change in vehicle titles, you’ll most likely experience one of these four vehicle title situations.1. Buying a CarWhen your customers are purchasing a vehicle, they don’t want to wait longer than necessary. They’re pretty excited to drive that new or gently used car or truck off the lot. Take advantage of our fast and efficient vehicle title transfer process and make the entire vehicle purchase experience a positive one for your customers.2. Selling a CarWhen a client is selling their vehicle, they want a quick and simple process. They may be selling a vehicle … Continued

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