When a customer purchases a vehicle from your automotive dealership, you only have so much time to transfer the vehicle into their name. If you happen to be dealing with a busy time of year for car sales, this process could get backed up, causing stress for your staff and your customer. Take advantage of the vehicle title transfer services that Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana has to offer. With experience processing titles across all 50 states, you can trust us for dependable and efficient vehicle title processing.

Why Choose Consolidated Automotive for Vehicle Title Transfer Services?

Out-of-State Titles

We have been offering title transfer services for all 50 states since our company opened. Our professional team knows how to navigate the rules and regulations of every single state. 

Backlog of Titles

Automotive dealers have busy seasons just like any other business. During this overwhelming time, let us pick up the burden of processing vehicle titles for you. Not only will your staff thank us, but your customers will be grateful too.

Personalized Service 

You can trust us to offer polite and personalized service to each and every one of your customers and your team. If any information needs to be verified, we contact your customer directly in order to locate any missing data needed for the vehicle title.

Years of Experience

We understand there are many different scenarios with regard to buying and selling cars. Some vehicle titles are incorrect and need to be replaced. Some vehicle titles require extra research. Regardless of the specific issue, our staff is more than capable of handling any situation they encounter.

Variety of Vehicles

Consolidated Automotive handles title work for almost every motorized vehicle on the market, including automobiles, motorcycles, semi trucks, ATVs, RVs, travel trailers, heavy equipment, boats, and watercraft.

Contact Us for a Free Quote 

As an experienced and professional title processing company, Consolidated Automotive is ready to assist you in processing vehicle titles for your business. Contact us today by calling (812) 988-8300 or complete our convenient online form. We assist automotive dealerships, banks, and finance companies with their title transfer, title and lien searches, and replacement title needs.