Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana provides several title processing services for commercial automotive dealers. Our number one goal is to save you both time and money while providing efficient and professional services based on your unique needs. We prepare a variety of titles, including salvage titles, repossession titles, and more. Read below to find out what other types of services we provide our faithful customers.

Assisting Commercial Automotive Dealers with Our Vehicle Title Services

State Title Inquiries

Finding a vehicle title is simple and easy for us. You give us any information you have regarding the vehicle in question and the state where it was last titled, and we do all the work. In fact, if you’re unsure of the state in which the vehicle was titled, we conduct all research required to find the necessary information.

Duplicate Titles

Required documents for processing duplicate titles differ according to each state’s guidelines. Our document processors, who are experts in each state’s requirements, complete all necessary forms and expedite the application in order to quickly process the vehicle title in question.

Lien Placement

Our title processors are highly skilled at securing your lien or a lien for your lender. We will walk you through the entire lien procedure, making it an effortless and brisk process on your behalf.

Corrected Titles

We understand that mistakes happen, and often a vehicle title needs to be corrected due to an overlooked error. Our team does all the necessary research to resolve incorrect title issues, even submitting the paperwork in order to get the title corrected as quickly as possible.

Title Transfer and Registration

We know your team doesn’t always have the time needed to effectively communicate with your customers regarding the status of their title transfer and registration. We take that out of your hands, contacting the customers on your behalf and working with them until the entire title transfer and registration process is complete.

Reliable Title Processing across All 50 States

With many changing guidelines in the vehicle title industry, Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana is your best choice for professional, low-cost title processing. We are a national company, serving all 50 states. Call us today at (812) 988-8300 to request a quote.