As an automotive dealership, bank, or finance company, you want to be sure you are completely prepared to assist your customers with the purchase or sale of their vehicle, boat, or RV. Any hiccup in the process can make it that much more complicated for you and your client. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana has the resources and skills to process a small number or thousands of vehicle titles, according to your needs. When you find yourself in the following situations, we are ready and available to help.

3 Reasons You Need a Replacement Vehicle Title

1. Customer Never Received a Title

One of your customers has purchased a vehicle but never received a title. Maybe they were given a bill of sale or a receipt when the transaction occurred. Now your customer wants to sell the vehicle or use it as a trade-in but a vehicle title is needed to prove ownership. Our professional team can assist your company through the process of applying for a brand new title, or we can take care of the entire application process for you.

2. Client Lost the Title

It’s possible to lose valuable documentation, especially during major life changes such as a move across the country, birth of a baby, or death of a loved one. Regardless of the reason, you will have clients that need a new title when they cannot locate the original one. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana works in all 50 states. It’s no problem for our expert team to conduct research regarding what is necessary to replace a lost title.

3. Title Needs to Be Corrected

Mistakes can happen when it comes to title applications or title transfers. The names of the owners can be misspelled, vehicle information could have been misunderstood, or some of the data may be unreadable. When this occurs, a corrected title is needed promptly. Our company specializes in submitting documents to the Department of Motor Vehicles on your behalf. We can get the title into the hands of you or your customers quickly, so you can both move forward in the purchase or sale of the vehicle in question.

No matter the reason, if you find your company in need of new or replacement title services, call Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana at (812) 988-8300For more expeditious service, request a free online quote now.