Have you considered selling heavy-duty trucks at your dealership? There are several advantages to adding these vehicles to your inventory. Not only will you improve your cash flow but you may also be adding a new source of long-term income to your auto sales business. At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we’d like to share three ways you can successfully sell heavy-duty trucks at your dealership.

3 Ways to Successfully Sell Heavy-Duty Trucks at Your Dealership

1. Inspect Them Thoroughly

Before placing your new heavy-duty truck inventory on the lot, be sure to inspect them thoroughly. Repair any damage to the truck and upgrade any low-end features or broken parts. This way customers will see a quality truck when they come to your dealership and you will begin making some money on a new piece of inventory.

2. Use the Internet

Another great way to sell heavy-duty trucks is by having a well-thought-out Internet strategy for your heavy-duty truck stock. Before they even come to your dealership, customers will use the Internet to search for trucks, research their purchase options, and also look into your dealership’s reputation. Having a good website with clear pictures and detailed descriptions of your heavy-duty trucks can make a huge difference in whether or not someone will take the next step in purchasing a truck from your business.

3. Buy from Auctions

If you’re looking to amp up your heavy-duty truck inventory, consider visiting auctions. You’ll have access to quality used trucks at fair prices. You may need to put some of your own work into them but you’ll be able to make more than what you paid for them in retail sales. 

We Process Heavy-Duty Truck Titles

When you begin selling heavy-duty trucks or equipment on your auto sales lot, remember to use Consolidated Automotive for all of your titling services. We are knowledgeable in the various laws and regulations for all 50 states, and can quickly and easily process title and lien searches, replacement titles, title transfers, dealer retail title and registration, UCC filings, and much more. Contact us today at (812) 988-8300

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