5 Steps to Obtaining a Heavy-Duty Truck Title

September 28, 2023 | heavy duty truck titles

Obtaining a heavy-duty truck title is an essential step in the ownership journey for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re acquiring a new truck or need to update the title for an existing one, understanding the process is crucial. Continue reading to learn more from the Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana team.

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3 Ways to Successfully Sell Heavy-Duty Trucks at Your Dealership

May 9, 2022 | all 50 states

Have you considered selling heavy-duty trucks at your dealership? There are several advantages to adding these vehicles to your inventory. Not only will you improve your cash flow but you may also be adding a new source of long-term income to your auto sales business. At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we’d like to share three ways you can successfully sell heavy-duty trucks at your dealership.

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Do I Need a Lien Search on a Heavy Equipment Title?

June 17, 2021 | all 50 states

When you’re interested in purchasing a piece of heavy equipment like a backhoe, bulldozer, excavator, or dump truck, it’s important to have a lien search performed to avoid any financial or legal issues. At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we conduct all types of lien and title search services across the nation. We believe performing a lien search before purchasing your heavy-duty vehicle will help to answer these three important questions.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Heavy-Duty Truck Titling

September 11, 2020 | all 50 states

While titling a passenger vehicle is a pretty straightforward process, titling specialty vehicles, like heavy-duty trucks, involves a wide range of requirements. Items such as tax exemptions, weight and length requirements, any necessary documents, along with a number of other specifications, need to be considered for heavy-duty truck titles. At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we make this confusing process much easier for your business to navigate. While requirements vary by state, the following are some of the most common items that are necessary to title or register your heavy-duty truck.

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