When you’re interested in purchasing a piece of heavy equipment like a backhoe, bulldozer, excavator, or dump truck, it’s important to have a lien search performed to avoid any financial or legal issues. At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we conduct all types of lien and title search services across the nation. We believe performing a lien search before purchasing your heavy-duty vehicle will help to answer these three important questions.

Do I Need a Lien Search on a Heavy Equipment Title?

Was the Equipment Stolen?

If there is no lien history on the heavy equipment you are purchasing, this could be a sign of bad news. It may indicate that the equipment was stolen or somehow acquired illegally. This could very well threaten the possible ownership of your newly purchased heavy-duty vehicle.

How Many Owners Were There?

Knowing how many owners this heavy equipment has had can give you plenty of information about how much it really has been used. This may give you insight into the condition of the vehicle as well as what type of repair work it may need in the future. If you’re looking for heavy equipment that is in prime condition, a lien search can give you the information you need.

Is It Being Used As Collateral?

The main thing a lien search provides for you is the financial history of the heavy equipment you wish to purchase. If there is a claim on this particular piece of heavy equipment, you can have the seller take care of it before you make the purchase. If there is no financial hold on the property, then you are in the clear to make the final sale.

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