Are you taking advantage of out-of-state car sales? With the advent of the Internet, more and more auto dealerships are selling vehicles to customers from neighboring states. This provides you with several benefits, with the most profitable one being an increase in customers. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana is committed to helping auto dealers streamline their titling and registration process for in-state and out-of-state customers. If you haven’t yet benefited from our services, keep reading to learn why you should.

Why Use Consolidated Auto for Out-of-State Retail Sales?

Preparation Is Key

When your back office is overwhelmed with processing registrations for several vehicles, including those sold to out-of-state customers, things can quickly slow down. It’s almost impossible for your staff to understand the title and registration laws of all 50 states. Make sure your dealership is prepared to register and title a vehicle for any location with our efficient titling services.

Customers Search Online Inventory

It’s very rare that a customer lands on your lot without first having hopped on your website to view the available inventory. A customer may come into your dealership ready to buy a vehicle for their mother who lives in the next state over, their young adult who is beginning a new career five states away, or for themselves to keep at their retirement home in Florida. With these situations happening more frequently, you need to be ready to work with any customer that walks through your door.

Competition Is Increasing

Now that more people are purchasing cars out of state, you’re no longer competing with the other neighborhood car dealer down the street. Essentially, you’re competing with every other vehicle dealership in all 50 states. If the titling and registration process of your dealership is fast, efficient, and stress-free, you will most likely earn a very loyal customer who will return when they need another vehicle.

Superior Service with a Smile

When you need dealer retail title and registration services, look to the professionals at Consolidated Auto. Request a quote when you call us at (812) 988-8300. We are very knowledgeable and experienced with vehicle title and registration laws across all 50 states. Plus, we can also provide lien searches, process duplicate titles, correct faulty titles, prepare heavy-duty truck titles, complete title transfers, and more.

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