At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we understand the ins and outs of dealer retail title and registration filings. We also understand that you are busy enough with serving your customers, selling vehicles, maintaining and servicing vehicles, and much, much more. This is why we offer complete title processing services to commercial dealerships throughout all 50 states. Regardless of the number of titles you process each month, our efficient team is more than up to the task. Consider these three benefits when choosing a title service for your retail automotive dealership.

3 Benefits of Our Dealer Retail Title and Registration Services

1. We Contact Customers on Your Behalf

If you’re processing an out-of-state title for one of your automotive customers, typically you need to contact them in order to follow up and ensure they’ve received the correct title and registration. With the Consolidated Automotive team, we take care of contacting the customer on your behalf for any and all questions regarding their new title. This means if there are any problems or issues, we’ll handle those too. 

2. We Contact All 50 State DMVs

Our team has a complete understanding of the various regulations regarding automotive titles across all 50 states. If there are any questions or issues involved with any of the titles we’re processing, we will contact that specific state’s DMV on your behalf. No more waiting to receive a return phone call. No more leaving several messages and not getting a response. We know how to work with the different state offices and will get answers to the questions we need. 

3. We Submit All Paperwork

Not only do we contact customers and DMV offices on your behalf, but we also conduct research, make phone calls and inquiries, and make sure all necessary paperwork is completed. This allows your office to focus on what they do best – sell vehicles and serve your customers.

Outsource Your Vehicle Title Services Today

Alleviate some of the pressure from your automotive business office with the title services from Consolidated Automotive. Contact us today at (812) 329-0369 or request a quote now for our duplicate title services, replacement title services, title transfers, and lien searches.