Auto insurance offers drivers financial protection and is available for a variety of vehicles and circumstances. Unfortunately, insurance is not available for vehicles that have been assigned a salvage title. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana has decades of experience providing dealerships and finance companies with title services, and yes, that includes salvage titles. Keep reading to find out how your customers can insure salvage title vehicles.

Is Car Insurance Available for Salvage Title Vehicles?

What Is a Salvage Title?

Vehicles that have been deemed a total loss by insurance companies are issued salvage titles. This means they cannot be legally driven on the road, which is why salvage title vehicles aren’t eligible for insurance. A salvage title vehicle must be completely rebuilt and pass an inspection to confirm all damage has been repaired and is, once again, safe to drive. If it passes inspection, the vehicle is then issued a rebuilt title.

Car Insurance for Rebuilt Titles

While it’s possible to purchase insurance for a rebuilt title, it can be difficult to obtain. Some insurance companies are willing to provide liability coverage for rebuilt vehicles that protect drivers from costs associated with accidental car damage or injury to another driver. Full-coverage policies, such as collision and comprehensive, are often more difficult to come by as rebuilt vehicles are considered high-risk for insurance agencies. 

How to Get Insurance for Rebuilt Titles

Because obtaining car insurance for a rebuilt titled vehicle can be challenging, we recommend that customers shop around and collect various quotes from different insurance companies. They can make this process even simpler by having as much information available regarding the history of the vehicle when speaking with insurance agents, such as:

  • a certified mechanic’s statement to verify that the car has been repaired and is in driveable condition.
  • photos of the car after it was rebuilt, but before it was insured, so they can be compared to any future damage or claims.
  • original repair estimate of the vehicle before it was rebuilt that contains details of all damage incurred and restorations made.

Salvage Title Services in All 50 States

Consolidated Auto provides automotive dealers, banks, and finance companies with professional and speedy salvage title services including transfer of ownership, corrected titles, heavy equipment titles, repossession titles, and more. We are glad to assist you and your customers, making the car-buying process easier for all involved. Call our friendly team at (812) 988-8300 to request a quote today.

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