Salvage vehicles can pose a potential risk for any auto dealership. They can be difficult to sell simply due to the nature of their past condition. If three best practices to increase your salvage vehicle sales.

3 Best Practices for Selling Salvage Title Vehicles

1. Be Honest

Depending on the state in which your dealership is located, the law may or may not dictate the necessity of disclosing the salvage status of the vehicle. Being upfront about its status as a salvage vehicle may answer some of their questions or it may turn them off from purchasing that vehicle. Either way, if you want to be known as a car dealer with an honest reputation, being candid about its salvage history will definitely set you apart from your competition. 

2. Show before Pictures

If you have pictures of the vehicle before it was repaired, be open and willing to share those images with any potential buyers. Again, this will display your willingness to be honest and upfront about the former condition of the vehicle. Plus, if your dealership was responsible for making any of the repairs, it will also demonstrate the skill and capability of your auto repair technicians.

3. Offer a Buy-Back Guarantee

Something that may help your customers feel more confident about purchasing a repaired salvage title vehicle is a Buy-Back Guarantee. Many people who purchase a formerly salvage-titled vehicle may be hesitant if they think it will be difficult to re-sell it in the future. A Buy-Back Guarantee is an assurance to your customer that when it’s time for them to purchase a new or used vehicle, your dealership will either buy it back from them or accept it as a trade-in. This really is a win-win for both you and the customer.

Rely on Us for Salvage Title Processing

If you choose to add salvage title vehicles to your used inventory, contact us today at (812) 988-8300 to learn more about our salvage title processing. We are familiar with title laws and regulations across all 50 states. In fact, we can take several document or title processing tasks off your hands, such as lien placements, duplicate titles, boat and RV titles, title transfers, repossession titles, and so much more. 

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