If you would like to sell an RV that your dealership has acquired, one of the most important pieces of paperwork you need is the title. There are several reasons why an RV may not have one. Titles can be misplaced, mistakenly thrown away, or accidentally destroyed. At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we process replacement titles for RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers. If you need a new title for your RV, we recommend you follow the four steps below.

How To Get a Replacement Title for an RV

1. Complete a Title Application

The first step in acquiring a new title for your RV is to complete a title application. You can download the application from your state’s Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) website, or you can pick up a paper copy from your local DMV. Not only will you need to complete all areas of the application, but you’ll need to have the appropriate paperwork in order for the DMV to give you a new title.

2. Gather All Documents

Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll need to have all the required documents gathered before you head to the DMV. Along with the application, you will need:

  • bill of sale or certificate of origin from the manufacturer
  • your driver’s license
  • lien status document
  • certificate of inspection from the RV dealership or the Department of Transportation

3. Pay the Application Fees

Fees for applying for an RV title are set by the specific state in which your RV is located. It will depend on the specific RV you own and the type of fees required by your state’s DMV.  The various fees may include a title fee, registration fee, surcharge fee, lien fee, and other fees as required.

4. Receive Your Title

Now that you’ve handed in the completed application and all necessary documents to the DMV and paid all required fees, all you have to do is wait to receive the new title. Once you have it, you can legally sell the RV and avoid any issues that may slow down the sale.

Contact Consolidated Auto Today

If this process seems a bit daunting to you, then you need to take advantage of our professional car title services. Contact Consolidated Auto today to learn more about our duplicate or replacement title services for RVs by calling (812) 988-8300. We also process titles for boats, heavy-duty trucks, heavy-duty equipment, as well as process lien searches, UCC filings, salvage titles, and title transfers for all 50 states.

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