Everyone has heard the jokes about waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Of course, we know that not every DMV is like that, but wouldn’t it be great to avoid the whole process from the beginning? Imagine if all you had to do was focus on sales, financing, and customer service. You can have all of this and more with the professional services provided by Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana. Read more to find out how our complete title management process can benefit your car dealership for the better.

Avoid the DMV with Our Complete Vehicle Title Process

Audit Documents & File Paperwork

Our team is trained to check all documents before being sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). We ensure that all information is filled out properly and accurately. An incorrect title application can slow down the title process, which can result in unhappy customers.

Follow-up with DMV & Customer

If any further information is needed from your customer or from the DMV, we handle it. Our office will also follow up with the DMV to ensure the process is on track and not delayed for any reason. In all of our communication, we provide exceptional customer service as we know we are representing your particular car dealership

Send Plates & Paperwork to Customer

Once the application process is complete, both the title and license plate are then ready to be delivered to your customer. We ship the plates and paperwork directly to the owner, leaving you completely out of the process.

Correct Errors as Needed

Our work is not done until both the car dealership who hired us and the customer we’re serving is completely satisfied. If errors are made on the license plate or title document, regardless of where the incorrect information came from, we will take care of it. No questions asked.

Free Quotes Available

Call us at (812) 988-8300 to request a quote today. We also offer replacement title services and title transfer services for car dealerships across all 50 states.