Most likely, you already know how to process documentation for a title transfer. But you also must protect your own business when it comes to buying, selling, and financing cars and other motorized vehicles. By hiring a company such as Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, you will not only be performing due diligence, you will also be saving much of your valuable time. Our title transfer and lien search experts can assist you with the following three simple steps.

Out-of-State Title Transfers

Process Titles for a Variety of Vehicles

While other automotive services only process titles for on-road vehicles like cars, trucks, SUVs, and cargo vans, we conduct title transfers for all types of vehicles, including campers and off-road vehicles. The extensive list of titles we research is listed below:

  • Land or water
  • Cars
  • Watercraft
  • Semis
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • RVs
  • Travel trailers
  • Boats

Access to Our Free Fee Estimator

When you hire our team, you receive access to our free Fee Estimator. With this tool, you can research quotes for out-of-state titles and registration fees. We also take the time to contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for any other quotes or information you may need that you cannot find with our Fee Estimator.

Explain Out-of-State Requirements

When you are selling multiple vehicles outside of your state of business, you need to know the various requirements of that specific state. Are there differing requirements for travel trailers and campers? Is the process different for motorcycles compared to cargo vans? Which state agency do you speak with in regards to lien placements? Our office can explain all the requirements in the state of interest and what needs to take place in order to complete the title, registration, and lien placement.

The next time you need assistance with out-of-state title transfers, contact the professional team at Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana by calling (812) 988-8300. We work in all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska. To find out more about our title services, visit our FAQ page.