Transferring vehicle titles is only one part of the car selling process. As a commercial automotive dealer, your team has certainly performed countless title transfers over the years. What do you do when there’s a glitch in the process? You have an odd vehicle title with little to no information, or you need to transfer a title from an out-of-state seller to one of your customers. That’s where we come in. The team at Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana can take care of any vehicle title issue for all 50 states. We can help your dealership sell vehicles quickly and efficiently, making your customers happy vehicle owners.

4 Conditions That Can Delay a Vehicle Title Transfer

1. Out-of-State Title Transfers

If your dealership purchased an out-of-state vehicle that your employees sell more quickly than expected, you want to get that sold vehicle in the hands of its owners as soon as possible. Our experienced staff knows how to navigate the rules and regulations of all 50 states. We can have that title transferred to its new owner in no time.

2. Backlog of Titles

Some seasons are busier than others. When your car dealership is having a busy season, don’t get caught unprepared with a pile of titles that need to be processed. We can decrease the amount of time your clients spend waiting for their new cars, helping you increase your sales at the same time.

3. Unique Circumstances 

There are many extenuating circumstances surrounding buying and selling vehicles. Your particular dealership has not experienced all of them, but it’s very likely that our company has. We have the time to tackle the paperwork, phone calls, and research that needs to be completed, so you can continue selling vehicles to your valuable customers.

4. Variety of Vehicles

Our expert team can handle title documentation for almost every motorized vehicle. Whether you are selling a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, ATV, semi, or RV, we’ve got you covered.

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