When selling vehicles to customers who have trade-ins to offer, you may need some assistance in conducting lien searches. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana has experience performing lien searches across all 50 states. Keep reading to learn how we can help your car dealership run more efficiently with our lien and title services. 

Why Have Consolidated Auto Conduct Lien Searches For Your Dealership?

Check for Any Liens

When you are accepting a trade-in from a customer as part of a car-selling deal, you need to check if there are any liens against the vehicle being accepted. We will perform a lien search on the trade-in vehicle and discover if there are any liens against the car. 

Determine Payoff Amounts

Once you know if there is a lien on the trade-in, you can then find out what the payoff amount is on that same vehicle. This information will assist you as you are helping your customer find a new car. For example, your customer may only have a budget of $20,000. If the payoff amount on the trade-in is $5,000, this means the customer can only afford vehicles that are $15,000 or less, for a total loan amount of $20,000.

Make Profitable Offers

As a dealership, you want to help your customers find affordable quality vehicles, but you also need to make a profit with your business. By offering a trade-in value that is more than the payoff amount, you could actually lose money on that particular sale. When we conduct lien searches, you will have all the data you need to make wise car-selling decisions.

Conduct Title Transfers

Once the sale of your vehicle, along with the accepted trade-in vehicle, has been completed, Consolidated Auto can help you with any other title services. We can transfer titles from one owner to another, correct titles with inaccurate information on them, and also replace titles as needed.

Helping Our Clients for Over 35 Years

When you need assistance with lien searches, title transfers, and more, contact us today at (812) 329-0369 to request a quote. We work with DMVs from all 50 states and perform several vehicle title services such as salvage titles, heavy equipment titles, repossession titles, title searches, and duplicate titles.

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