Car dealerships process multiple titles at a time. Although they may try to avoid issues, there are inevitably problems that do pop up. There are some common problems with titles that often require requesting duplicate ones. Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana assists both dealerships and auto finance companies when they discover these common title errors.

Avoid These 4 Common Auto Title Problems

1. Don’t Cross Out Errors

If you come across any errors or misinformation on a vehicle title, do not cross them out, try to erase them, or use correction fluid to fix them. This will automatically void the title and you will need to request a duplicate. Getting a duplicate title typically isn’t a problem, but if that delays the sale of the vehicle, that could result in a loss of income for your dealership. It’s better to simply take the title to your local DMV and have them correct it. 

2. Don’t Sign the Title before the Purchase

There are times when you’re ready to sell a vehicle, but the buyer backs out at the last minute or he or she may choose a different vehicle instead. To avoid any problems, we recommend not having the buyer sign the title until the purchase is final. If the title is signed and the individual doesn’t buy it, you’ll need to request a replacement or duplicate title for that car.

3. Don’t Delay Transferring the Title

When you’ve accepted a trade-in or purchased a vehicle from a customer, it’s best not to wait to transfer that title over to your dealership. Not only is this illegal, but if you attempt to sell the vehicle with the other person’s name on the title, this can cause both delays and legal issues. 

4. Don’t Accept a Vehicle with an Incorrect Title

Be sure to double-check the information on the title of the vehicle that you’re buying from a customer or accepting as a trade-in. This will help you avoid any issues when placing this vehicle on your lot to sell. If the information on the title is incorrect, have the seller get a corrected title before you go ahead with the purchase.

Your Full-Service Vehicle Titling Company

If you need help processing the many vehicle titles that pass through your busy dealership, contact the experts at Consolidated Automotive today by calling (812) 988-8300. We assist dealerships in all 50 states with duplicate titles, title and lien searches, salvage titles, title transfers, heavy equipment titles, and more.

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