As a vehicle finance company, you probably process hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicle titles each year. At Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, we perform several title services for both automotive dealerships and finance companies like yours. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by more work than you can handle, give us a call. We can take care of these four title services, plus many more.

4 Title Services We Perform for Auto Finance Companies

1. Research the Title’s History

Before closing on any auto loan, protect your interests and the interests of your customers by thoroughly researching the title’s history. Searching the title’s detailed history will help you discover any potential issues, such as previous UCC filings, incorrect title information, or a history of repossession.

2. Perform Transfer of Ownership

Our expert team can efficiently perform transfers of ownership from the previous bank, credit union, or private owner to your automotive finance company. While this can be a simple process, specific information needs to be double-checked and accurately entered on the title like the vehicle’s VIN and mileage information.

3. Conduct Lien Searches & Placements

Another important part of processing a vehicle loan is conducting any lien searches or placements. To move the process along quickly, we can find out if there’s a current balance owed, file a new lien placement, or transfer an existing lien if necessary. 

4. Complete Title Services for All Vehicles

If your finance company provides loans for all types of vehicles, you can rest assured that we have the expert knowledge and decades of experience required to process title services for any vehicle. Most of the work we do on behalf of our clients is for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans, but we also process titles for boats and RVs, heavy-duty trucks, and heavy equipment.

Professional Title Services for Finance Companies

If you have a major backlog of titles to be serviced or simply want to streamline the entire process, contact Consolidated Auto by calling (812) 988-8300. We gladly serve all 50 states with local and out-of-state solutions such as corrected titles, title transfers, duplicate titles, replacement titles, and more.