When lenders have to repossess vehicles, their priority is to sell them and recoup as much of the loan as possible. They usually offer recovered vehicles at or below fair market value, making defaulted vehicles quite a bargain for car buyers. If you have customers who are looking for affordable vehicles, Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana recommends looking at these four locations for great deals.

4 Places Customers Can Buy Repossessed Vehicles

1. Automotive Dealerships

Many car dealerships purchase repossessed vehicles to add to their used car sales inventory. There are times they may end up repossessing a vehicle directly from a customer if the individual had the vehicle financed through the dealership. Selling a repossessed car involves cleaning the vehicle, making any repairs, and filing the necessary paperwork, including a repossession title.

2. Auctions

Auctions are ideal for purchasing repossessed vehicles at an affordable price. Cars that have been reclaimed by lenders or dealerships often sell them to auctions so they don’t have to manage any paperwork or repairs. While buying a recovered vehicle from an auction can be pretty inexpensive, the customer would need to acquire their own financing as this is not something available at auctions. Also, unless they attend a live auction, they may not have access to the vehicle before making the purchase, meaning they are buying a vehicle based on description only.

3. Finance Companies

Local banks and credit unions offer automotive financing for their personal and commercial customers. When their customers can’t pay their auto loans, the banks repossess the vehicles and then sell them to the public. In addition to getting an affordable car, the customer may also qualify for an auto loan from the bank or credit union from which they are buying the vehicle.

4. Repossession Companies

Customers can also buy loan-default vehicles straight from the repossession company. Purchasing a recovered vehicle this way cuts out any middleman, making the sales process fairly simple. In addition to paying for the vehicle itself, the customer may need to cover vehicle storage fees.

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