Having to correct a vehicle title is not an unusual matter. There are several circumstances that require a corrected title. Incorrect information, change in the lien holder, or a new car owner are a few of the most common changes we make here at Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana. If you ever find your dealership needing to update vehicle titles quickly and accurately due to the situations below, you won’t go wrong by taking advantage of our services. 

4 Circumstances That Require a Corrected Vehicle Title

1. Change in Lien Holder

When you sell a vehicle that is being financed by a bank, credit union, or automotive finance company, the title needs to reflect the new lien information. Our team of experts can verify the information and have a corrected title delivered to your dealership in no time.

2. Mileage Not Correct

If you purchased a car from an auction site or as a trade-in and noticed the mileage was not correct after the sale was made, you need to have the title corrected before you can place it up for sale. We work with DMVs and Secretary of State offices across all 50 states. It’s no problem at all for our team to complete any necessary paperwork in order to have the mileage corrected.

3. Vehicle Has New Owner

Congratulations! You’ve just sold a vehicle from your car lot. Now you need to have the title changed to reflect the new owner. We specialize in processing title transfers for car dealerships and automotive finance companies. Our team can have the new title amended and mailed to your dealership quickly and precisely.

4. Owner Name Not Correct

What do you do If a member of your sales team sold a vehicle and, for some reason, the sale did not go through after you amended the title? Send the title to our agency so we can change it to reflect the new owner or place it back in the name of your dealership

Experienced & Professional

Save yourself and your team time and stress by utilizing the corrected title services of Consolidated Automotive. Along with amending titles, we also conduct lien searches, replace stolen or lost titles, process salvage titles, perform UCC filings, and more, in all 50 states. Call us today at (812) 988-8300 to request your quote now.