When your dealership needs to research several vehicle liens, you need timely, cost-efficient, and professional assistance. With the variety of state laws and regulations regarding vehicle titles, it can be frustrating to perform these lien searches on your own. When you choose Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana, you are utilizing our vast knowledge and our years of experience conducting title processing services across all 50 states. Why choose our company? Discover why, by reading the three reasons below.

3 Reasons to Choose a Title Processing Service For Lien Searches

1. No VIN Available

In many cases, vehicle titles don’t include the information needed, such as a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), for conducting a thorough lien search. Our staff specializes in researching all data regarding the vehicle title in question. We go the extra mile by completing the following:

  • Research the history of the vehicle.
  • Discover if a bank lien has been perfected.
  • Uncover any missing information on the title.

2. Reports Feature Limited Information

Reports regarding a vehicle’s title often include limited information. It is vital, as an automotive dealership, that you discover all pertinent data about a vehicle on your sales lot. There are several states that only offer lien information for cars or trucks, and will not conduct lien searches for any other vehicle. Our experienced staff knows how to find the necessary lien information for a variety of vehicles, such as travel trailers, RVs, boats, and motorcycles.

3. Searches Take 90 Days or Longer

Many Department of Motor Vehicle offices throughout the 50 states will not guarantee lien search results before 90 days from the time the request was made. When you have a customer who is interested in purchasing a vehicle, the last thing you want to do is make them wait. Our team conducts all research, lien searches, and document processing in a speedy and efficient manner.

Call our office today at (812) 988-8300 to request a quote for our lien search services. We also perform duplicate or replacement title services, as well as title transfer services across all 50 states.