Consolidated Automotive Services of Indiana understands that your priority is selling and financing vehicles. As a commercial automotive dealership or a vehicle finance company, a delay in paperwork can lead to lost revenue. If you have a customer who is trading in a vehicle without the proper documents, such as a title, this will definitely place a snag in the vehicle-selling process. When your customers find themselves in any of the three following situations, you can assure them of your complete assistance when you take advantage of our duplicate title services. 

3 Circumstances That Require a Duplicate Vehicle Title

1. Lost Title

Inevitably, it does happen. A customer arrives wanting to trade in their vehicle, but has lost the title. He or she has searched everywhere but simply can’t find it. With our vast knowledge of vehicle title laws and regulations across all 50 states, we are more than capable of handling any type of duplicate title needs you may have.

2. Stolen Title

Unfortunately, your customer may have experienced a break-in at their home and had important documents stolen. Many essential documents contain financial or personal information that the thief can use to their advantage. When your client has experienced this unfortunate event, he or she will have confidence in your ability to easily replace that title with our speedy title processing services.

3. Destroyed Title

There are a number of reasons a vehicle title may be destroyed. Typically, destruction is caused by an accident, such as a house fire or flooded basement, and is completely out of the vehicle owner’s control. Reassure your customer that you can get a duplicate title in no time at all. They’ll feel much better about the vehicle selling or buying process knowing you have it all under control. 

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Your customers need to know they can have complete confidence in your services. By using our team to assist you, you’ll be in a position to guarantee a smooth and effortless vehicle transaction process for your team as well as your customers. Contact Consolidated Automotive Services today at (812) 988-8300 for a free quote on any of our vehicle title services, including title and lien searches and title transfers. We gladly serve customers across all 50 states.